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Sumalee Boxing Gym

Sumalee Boxing Gym combines excellent Muay Thai training with a standard of facilities, accommodation, catering and service which is unbeaten on the tropical island of Phuket, Thailand. Founded in 2011 by Dr Lynne Miller, the Muay Thai training camp has fast become one of Thailand's leading Muay Thai, Yoga and fitness training facilities. Their brand has achieved widespread international recognition within a relatively short period. They are dedicated to providing the highest standards of training and professionalism.

Website : http://sumaleeboxinggym.com
Contact : info@sumaleeboxinggym.com


Impakt is one of the biggest mma & fitness centers and one of the first to have opened in HK. They are located in the heart of Central, HK's business and financial district and packed with state of the art equipment. They provide elite training services to all fitness levels from cross fitness-budding amateurs and pro fighters to white collar workers, mums amd kids. Impakt professional trainers are all top of their disciplines, certified in a variety of training techniques and sports medicines. Most of them are competing on regular basis and keep pushing their personal boundaries.

Website : http://www.impakt.hk
Contact : info@impakt.hk

The Warrior Academy

The Warrior Academy is a unique all-encompassing concept and space, that bridges martial arts, strength & conditioning, wellness and nutrition to provide you with a complete holistic health and fitness experience regardless of your age, gender, ability or experience. Conveniently located on the West Side of Hong Kong Island (close to HKU MTR), they are more than just a gym. They're a fully equipped 7,000 square foot space, with an internationally accredited and qualified coaching team you can trust, that strives to not only make you feel at home but to empower you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Website : http://warrioracademyhk.com
Contact : info@warrioracademyhk.com


FFG presents the best martial arts and fitness experiences in Hong Kong's four locations – two in Central, one in Causeway Bay and one in Mongkok. We provide training for Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mix Martial Art, Krav Maga, Submission Wrestling, Professional Fight Team, Yoga, Personal Fitness Training and Summer Programs.All our trainers are professionals and martial artists who hold numerous major championship titles.

Website : http://www.ffgltd.com.hk/zh-hk/
Contact : cs@ffgltd.com.hk

SOHO Fitness

Soho Fitness is an old school Muay Thai Style gym that also offers MMA, Judo, Yoga, Crossfit, Wing Chun and other Martial art training in a very friendly environment.

Website : http://soho.fitness
Contact : hi@soho.fitness


Granite Fight Factory

Granite Fight Factory is a new mixed martial arts stockist & combat training gym based in the North East of Scotland.

Website : http://granitefightfactory.com
Contact : info@granitefightfactory.com


When a fighter meets a self-taught graphic desginer... The aim is to promote the brands of their Muay Thai champions, as well as their own MTZboxing products.

Website : http://mtzboxing.be/fr/
Contact : MTZ-boxing@hotmail.com


KHUN PON was founded in 2006 and initially came to attention in Germany particularly through the huge range of TWINS and KING brands and the extremely attractive prices. We now carry more than 30 top brands and belong to Germany's leading dealers in the field of Muay Thai, MMA and kickboxing.

Website : http://www.khunpon.de
Contact : info@khunpon.de

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